Parish Councillors

Members of Burneston, Swainby with Allerthorpe & Theakston Parish Council

Name  Address
Councillor John Penty - Chairman

Oak Tree Farm,
Burneston, Bedale. 

Councillor Elizabeth McIntyre

Theakston Lodge
Theakston, Bedale.  

Councillor Roger Woolhouse

The Arch,
Nosterfield, Bedale

Councillor Peter Shaw

Theakston Cottages
Theakston, Bedale.

Councillor Martin Coleman

Woodman Inn
Burneston, Bedale.

Councillor Linda Jude

Cypress House
Burneston, Bedale.

Councillor Chris Kinsell

Burneston Hall
Burneston, Bedale.

Councillor Charles Stebbing

Mustard Field House 
Church Wynd, Bedale