Village Delivery Service during Coronavirus

Helen Bullock from Exelby has started a system to have bulk deliveries of food items from local suppliers, including Carricks, made to Exelby weekly.  This has been set up for people who may not be able or willing to go shopping each week.  She would like surrounding villages to set up similar schemes as this makes shopping easier for residents as well as enabling suppliers to make fewer visits to each place each week. 

The main question here is whether or not there is a demand for this in Burneston and Theakston and if so would anyone like to co-ordinate such a scheme with volunteers to help set it up and run it.

Anyone interested should contact Linda Jude on 01677 423834.

Published: 21/04/2020 Published by: Burneston, Swainby with Allerthorpe and Theakston Parish Council

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